Courses  2023

A part from the organ recital cycle and the evening concerts, there will be various music courses for students and teachers wishing to discover or improve their knowledge.

Unless otherwise specified by the teacher in each specialty, each student will receive three individual class hours (in the case where there is 10 students enrolled by specialty).

On August 25 will be the presentation of the courses and the first of the concerts.

The specialties that will be taught during the course will be: organ, harpsichord, Baroque violin and plucked strings instruments (Spanish Vihuela, lute, theorbo), percussion instruments and historical temperaments.

  • From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., except Monday and Tuesday, which will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., in order to guarantee three hours of individual class per student in the case of maximum enrollment.

  • From 17 ‘ 00 h to 18’00 h: historical temperaments

  • Other specialties are taught at the municipal culture House.

  • Maximum 10 students in each of the fields with at least a minimum of 5 students.

  • On September 1 will take place the  closing ceremony and  the awarding of diplomas at 18’00 h, and at 20’00 h there will be the closing concert by the students of the courses.


All students enrolled in any of the courses have free access to all concerts, lectures and classes of historical temperaments.

Active students: €250. (25% discount for 2 or more specialties)
Historical temperaments: €50
Listening students: €130.

  • The maximum number of active students for each specialty is 10.
  • The maximum number of listening  students for each course will be of 10 except for the organ (5 students)

  • The admission of applicants shall be carried out in strict order of registration upon payment of tuition.

  • The amount of tuition once finished the registration period will not be refunded. Only 50% will be returned with prior justification. The total amount shall be refunded only if the students place is covered by another student.

  • The Organisation of the Festival reserves the right to expand the number of students.

  • PLE a 4 members will have a discount of 20%. They may freely attend all courses in quality of listeners without being enrolled as active students.

The presentation of the course and students reception will be on August 25, 2023 at 18’00 h in the casa de cultura, located on the Calle Sellesos No. 7, 03510 Callosa d’ in Sarrià (Alicante). At the ceremony the credentials will be handed out as well as the informative material for every student and teacher. Subsequently, at 20’00 h will be the inaugural concert.

The Festival will issue a diploma of attendance, which will comprise the hours enrolled.

Through our web site or by filling the space in the information booklet. The registration shall be official once the deposit or transfer of the registration is completed.


To formalize your registration, you must enter the total amount of the course, indicating in the concept «Musicaloxa» followed by the course in which you want to participate. Example: Musicaloxa organ, Musicaloxa percussion, Musicaloxa violin…
The payment of the registration will be made at Banco Sabadell.
Account Number:
ES 70 0081 1033 2800 0103 3713

The transfer receipt will be sent by email to:

The number of students is limited, so that the admission of applications will be made in strict order of inscription.